With programmable TV screens, you can see in real time the changing information – production plans, OEE indicators, quality, sales data, incoming shipments, electricity consumption, etc. Your employees will be able to quickly make decisions based on the latest information. Broadcast texts, pictures or videos – from work safety information to programmable KPI board.


The system already has integration with Youtube, Dropbox, MS Excel, Lean2S applications. You can also integrate with any ERP system. Use Programmable TV screens where there’s a lot of people passing by. You can sell an advertising space, report campaigns, or inform users about inbound / outbound airplanes. It is up to you to decide what kind of information you will be able to broadcast.

  Realtime    Information in real-time
  Convenient    Changes in all screens at once
  Price    Just from 30 eur / month
  Connection    Fast & easy to install
  Cloud    Cloud solution
  Excel    Integration with MS Excel

One of the main advantages of the equipment is the ability to connect and start using the equipment within one business day. For a detailed presentation of the equipment, please contact us +(370) 611 22852 or info@proplanning.eu