Are you sure that your company’s production equipment is 100% efficient, never down and exploited for maximum production? In fact, few people believe in it. Even the conveyors are experiencing downtime. However, do you know how much your production equipment is really down? Do you have statistics as to what are the real causes of these downtime? How much time does it take for hardware interruptions, shifts, phone conversations, mini breaks, raw material transportation, smoke breaks, tool searching, and more? Do you know how deviant your production is from the standards? Do you measure your OEE?


Lean2S is an automated data capturing tool, which allows you to gather information about running speed, output, start and end of downtimes, to automatically identify specific causes of downtime and deviations. People often find it difficult to collect such detailed statistics, but it is not hard for an intelligent equipment.

Imagine what actions you would take upon receiving such information. Every good manager will determine what causes the biggest downtime and take steps to eliminate them. With downtime statistics, it’s much easier to redirect all employees’ efforts to those Kaizen improvements that will really benefit. It’s a lot easier to calculate your return on investment. In practice, there are many cases so much “hidden” capacity revealed, that overtime and delays do disappear.

  Realtime    One second increments, Real-time, 24 x 7
  Results    Fast & measurable results
  Price    Just from 60 eur / month.
  In cloud    Cloud solution
  Analytics    Convenient analytics
  Connection    Fast & easy to install

equipment is the ability to connect and start using the equipment within one business day. Our advice to you – squeeze the maximum from what you already have before investing in additional production capacities, increase your efficiency. For more detailed presentation of the monitoring equipment in your company, please contact us +(370) 611 22852 or